Anna Maria Stanczyk
Anna Maria Stanczyk Live recording.mp4
Anna Maria Stanczyk- F. Liszt - Mazeppa. Live recording.mp4
Anna Maria Stanczyk played this concert in Chelsea Town Hall, London to raise financial support for Polish Mothers Health Centre, Lodz.  Franz Liszt - Transcendental Etude “Mazeppa”.
Liszt loves dream.mp4
Franz Liszt - “Loves Dream”
Franz Liszt “Grand Gallop”
Anna Maria Stanczyk- live recording.mp4
F.Chopin - Marche Funebre from Sonata B flat minor.mp4
“Music and Lights” The first concert of that series took place in Spinney Hill Hall Northampton. F. Chopin “Marche Funebre” from Sonata B flat minor.
Anna Maria Stanczyk - live recording.mp4
zelazowa wola.mp4
Chopin Grande Valse Brillante in F major Op.34 in Zelazowa Wola
Mozart Concerto in C major 3rd movement with Gdansk Chamber Orchestra.
Anna maria Stancvzyk introduces Maria Szymanowska programme.mp4
Maria Szymanowska -
Etude in E major
Mozart Concerto no.21 1st movement - Royal Castle Warsaw, concert gathering finances towards the monument for the “Hero's of the Warsaw Uprising”.