Anna Maria Stanczyk


Fangor Palace Powsin
Anna Maria Stańczyk Artistic Director of the Powsin International Piano Festival, Warsaw.
The Powsin International Piano Festival enters its XXII Year in 2017. Previous years have seduced us to experience the unforgettable moments of musical beauty performed by, amongst others,
Louis Alvarnis, the late Halina Czerny-Stafanska,
Eugen Indjic, Bronisława Kawalla, Rinko Kobayashi, Piers Lane, Jonathan Plowright, Joanna Trzeciak,
Anna Maria Stańczyk.

Concerts of world famous pianists take place on Sundays once every month from May to September. The other Sunday’s are dedicated to young pianists who are yet to make their mark on the world of classical music. Performing at the festival gives them the opportunity to expose their talent. The repertoires of such outstanding pianists coupled with the enchanting and highly seductive botanical beauty assures a veritable intense musical experience.
Piano Festival Music in Flowers, Logo
“It was a great pleasure to play in the Botanical Gardens before an appreciative audience and in such wonderful surroundings.
Having performed in many festivals and concert series throughout Europe and USA, I can say Powsin ranks amongst the very finest, and I wish you many more years of continued success with your festival”.
Louis Demetrius Alvanis
Powsin Botanical Gardens,